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Because I like lists, and order:

My fic, nicely gathered together.

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Hello, author! I'm very much looking forward to reading fic for one of these songs, and I hope you're looking forward to writing it! I'm pretty easygoing, so don't stress and panic too much.

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My Yuletide this year was very mono-fannish; I wrote three stories, all for The Almighty Johnsons.

If you haven't seen/heard of it, it's a delightful little tv show from New Zealand, about the Johnsons, four brothers (plus their grandpa) who are the living incarnations of Norse gods (Baldr, Ullr, Bragi, Hodr, and Odin, to be specific). The three seasons of the show follow them in their various attempts to find Odin's beloved Frigg, so that the gods can regain their full powers. If you follow me on tumblr, you've had the dubious pleasure of seeing many, many gifsets from it; I think Syfy is supposed to be airing it here in the US this year, though I haven't heard an airdate yet. Anyhow, it's adorable and well worth watching.

My fics:

I'll Find You Another Time
Rating: T
Words: 6014
Characters: The Johnsons, Dawn, Michele, Hanna
Summary: It's not that Axl hates his brothers, exactly. It's just that they're so extra-spectacularly useless in the matter of Frigg-finding.

Gathering Seeds to Throw Wide
Rating: T
Words: 5796
Pairing: Gaia/Anders
Summary: Even half a world away from Auckland, Idunn's still there, clouding over her brain like a wound that refuses to heal. And Anders' attempt at playing Bragi is really not helping.

Safe When We're Together
Rating: G
Words: 1099
Characters: Dawn, Anders
Summary: Anders is so very not equipped to deal with Dawn's pre-wedding jitters.

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It's back, like an early holiday gift! So excited.


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Hello, Yuletide author, and happy writing to you! I ramble a lot, so if that's not your style, feel free to just skip to the prompt sections. Let the rambling begin...Collapse )
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Title: To Cover What We Can't Erase
Fandom: MCU/The Avengers
Rating: T
Words: 4,830
Pairing: Bruce Banner/Natasha Romanoff
Summary: There are reasons beyond the obvious for Natasha to be afraid of Bruce; she never really expected he'd be afraid of her in return.

Notes: This was my entry for Rare Pair Fest 2013; Bruce and Natasha have been my OTP for the MCU verse since the first time I saw The Avengers, so I was happy to finally be pushed into writing for them!

To Cover What We Can't Erase, on AO3

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Promo-ing this in case any of my f-list isn't aware of it (I'm thinking of all you 3 Sentence ficcers, where song lyrics were everyone's bread and butter):

Jukebox Fest!!

A fic exchange for song (or music video) based fic! Come play, it'll be awesome. You can nominate whatever you want, as long as it has lyrics, you can find it online, and it's under 20 minutes.

Nominations are open until August 1st, so dig into your collections and find those songs that have always cried out for longer stories.

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Hello, fellow rarepair-loving author! I'll try to keep it brief (never my strong suit) and not gush too much about these pairings even though they are all THE BEST.

Watch as I fail miserably at that goal of being brief...Collapse )
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Title: The World That's on the Other Side
Rating: PG
Pairing: River/Mal
Words: 6861
Content Notes: Time travel AU

Summary: When River Tam is fourteen years old, a man steps out of an alley and tells her her future.

It turns out she doesn't want it.

Here at AO3

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I have finally decided to learn to use tumblr, rather than just staring at it in confusion and fascination; I've managed to blunder my way into reblogging things, at least.

I am here, reblogging a lot of Game of Thrones and Firefly stuff, mixed with other random things (like bits of history and Richard Armitage's beautiful face) if anyone's interested.

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