Yuletide 2019: Reveals

First, the fic I received: The Last Rites of Juliette Andromeda Mao by Corbeaun

Summary: Let’s talk, you and I. Let’s talk about a stupid girl who thought she could fight a monster and live.

I asked for fic about Julie, because I love her so much and was so disappointed by her ultimate role (or lack there of) in the story, and this delivered in a big way. It's a great piece of insight into Julie in her final days. (Sidenote that all the Expanse fic I read this year in Yuletide was wonderful; there's some great Drummer and Avasarala pieces there, in particular.)

I wrote two fics for The Iliad and the Sebastian St Cyr Mystery series:

The Arc Towards the Sun, The Iliad, Hektor/Andromache, M, 5459 words, for my dear betony

Summary: Andromache would be prepared for a husband who tries to tame her. Hektor is anything but.

betony wanted a happy story for them rather than their usual tragedy, and after years of torture and tears in 3 Sentence Ficathons, I owed her big time. I had a good time writing it and I think it came out fairly well - arranged marriage is one of my favorite tropes, and it gave me a chance to portray a stubborn, headstrong Andromache and a Hektor who's still a noble paragon, but maybe a bit more human too.

Who Interrupts the Act, Sebastian St Cyr Mysteries, Sebastian/Hero, G, 1798 words, for Luthien

Summary: Sebastian just wants to reunite with his wife. Unfortunately for him, everyone else seems to have other ideas.

I love writing for this series, so much so that I nominated it solely in hopes that someone else would request it, and it worked! It was fun to write a bit of comedic fluff for the pairing, as they don't get much of that in canon.

And that's it for this year! I hadn't participated since 2015, but I'm glad I did - I got a great gift and I couldn't have asked for a better assignment.

NFE 2019

I wrote two fics this year for the Narnia Fic Exchange, which was a shock to me; I haven't been able to write much in years, but not this time!

First, my assignment, for Syrena: Blest is the man ordained to hear our voice

Troubled by an appalling translation of The Odyssey, Eustace questions his cousins and writes to Professor Kirke on the subject of Sirens. Honeyed throats, bah.

Syrena wanted Sirens, translations, parallels, and Eustace, Man of Science, and this was my attempt to deliver on at least some of that!

And then somehow I wrote a 25k Susan Pevensie/Jon Snow treat for Snacky: And I Will Not Come Back the Same

An alliance between Narnia and the King in the North in Westeros is meant to be sealed by the marriage of Susan Pevensie and Robb Stark.

If only she hadn't met Jon Snow first.

Yes, it's a Game of Thrones crossover in which I attempted to write a full AU of the series from S2 onwards while also writing a smutty love story. Spoiler alert: this takes many, many more words than expected. It was enormous fun, has left me with so many future fic possibilities, and might just have led to me shipping Edmund/Daenerys? Strange times.

Yuletide Fics (The Almighty Johnsons, various)

My Yuletide this year was very mono-fannish; I wrote three stories, all for The Almighty Johnsons.

If you haven't seen/heard of it, it's a delightful little tv show from New Zealand, about the Johnsons, four brothers (plus their grandpa) who are the living incarnations of Norse gods (Baldr, Ullr, Bragi, Hodr, and Odin, to be specific). The three seasons of the show follow them in their various attempts to find Odin's beloved Frigg, so that the gods can regain their full powers. If you follow me on tumblr, you've had the dubious pleasure of seeing many, many gifsets from it; I think Syfy is supposed to be airing it here in the US this year, though I haven't heard an airdate yet. Anyhow, it's adorable and well worth watching.

My fics:

I'll Find You Another Time
Rating: T
Words: 6014
Characters: The Johnsons, Dawn, Michele, Hanna
Summary: It's not that Axl hates his brothers, exactly. It's just that they're so extra-spectacularly useless in the matter of Frigg-finding.

Gathering Seeds to Throw Wide
Rating: T
Words: 5796
Pairing: Gaia/Anders
Summary: Even half a world away from Auckland, Idunn's still there, clouding over her brain like a wound that refuses to heal. And Anders' attempt at playing Bragi is really not helping.

Safe When We're Together
Rating: G
Words: 1099
Characters: Dawn, Anders
Summary: Anders is so very not equipped to deal with Dawn's pre-wedding jitters.